Shingle roofs are resistant to harsh weather and are warranted for at least 20 years, but even so, they need to be inspected regularly by San Jose roofers to see whether they are still strong enough.

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Here are a few of the signs that tell you your shingles are no longer strong enough and no longer able to provide you the protection that you want:

  • Cupped shingles and tabs that have curled edges – these faults indicate that the shingles are no longer properly attached to the roof and they allow water to seep underneath. If only a few of your shingles show the signs, you can replace them and continue to use the roof, but if there are large areas affected by the curling and the cupping, you need to consider complete roof replacement;
  • Missing granules – the granules on the top of the shingles play the role of weatherproofing your shingles, but very strong winds and the impact caused by hail stones can tear them off. If the granule layer is damaged on large roof areas, you can start saving up for a new roof;

Age and a generally worn appearance – roof shingles can last for a couple of decades, but if your shingle roof is around 20 years old or older and it looks old, it is probably weakened and unable to deliver the expected performance.