San Mateo roofing

Gutter cleaning by San Mateo roofing experts is an important operation that must be performed regularly. Signs that show that the roof drainage system is clogged are also the reasons why you need to clean up the gutters more often. Here they are.

Water leaks

Accumulated leaves, dirt and other debris in the gutters maintain moisture which causes the apparition of rust. Over time, this leads to perforations along the gutters and water leaks that will affect your exterior walls and not only.

Regular cleaning of the roof`s drainage system will allow you to discover any problems in time and repair them. Otherwise, moisture will likely cause the apparition of mold and mildew that will infiltrate the walls, as well as other problems that will affect your comfort and budget.

Water infiltrations through the roof

Debris buildup in the gutters prevents proper water drainage and, as a consequence, the roof`s coating material may be affected. If the problem is not remedied immediately, the constant accumulation of water at the roof level will ultimately lead to infiltrations.

Water infiltrations in the basement

Water that drains from the gutters and downspouts is eliminated at a safe distance from the building. However, clogged gutters can make water leak along or very close to the walls and reach the basement of the house. Besides the mess, infiltrated water can cause real disasters, especially if it reaches the electrical installation.