There are a lot of of responsibilities that come with owning your own home. The main one being roof maintenance. Over time many parts of the home may either deteriorate or be damaged by exterior factors like extreme weathers. The shingles on many homes are most likely attached to a base known as plywood or deck. While it is not visible it acts as a connection of the roof to the house framing and plays an important role in the overall integrity of your roof.

The first sign that could be related to a damaged deck is when one experiences leaking in his/her home. A good idea would be to inspect the roof for any sign of damage after a storm. Peeled off or cracked shingles, for example. If the decking is exposed to moisture, in combination with high temperatures, it can lead to the forming of mold and mildew, which will eventually expand, causing the wood to rot.

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Another sign that one can look at would be a sagging ceiling. This will be noticeable in extreme cases were a damaged roof has not been attended to and the ceiling gets wet causing it to bend because of the weight from the moisture. A regular roof inspection may help in preventing these damages from happening. Checking the roof after a storm or finding top rated San Jose roofing contractors to do a thorough inspection of the roof and attic is a good way to make sure that any signs of deck damage can be addressed and prevented. A deck that is already rotting cannot be repaired and must be replaced completely.