Slate has long been considered the most efficient and durable type of shingle that the market has to offer. But what is the real difference between slate and other materials? Should you consider slate for your home? Also, what are the monetary concerns you should consider and the long term maintenance issues involved?

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When it comes to comparing slate with other materials, you won’t find anything better than clay. A clay roof is beautiful to nearly an artistic extent, and its durability rivals that of most other materials. Also, clay can be a good insulator and its weatherproof capabilities are well-noted.

When comparing clay with slate, the one thing that makes the difference between the two is durability. While clay is respectable in its own right, slate tile shingles can last for up to 150 years. There were cases when some slate tiles were even estimated to last more than 300 years, slate being one of the oldest and most  resilient materials ever used in roofing.

Today’s roofing industry also has many composites and synthetic versions of materials like clay and slate. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of diversity, you can still go back to the old favorites and find that natural slate is the best choice by far. The only drawback is the price, which is somewhat greater than that of clay tiles. But when we look at the performance, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing design of natural slate versus that of clay tiles, we will see that it’s well worth the expense.

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