Some minor fixes on the roof will not take too much money out of your pocket and are so simple and fast that you will not have to call a roofing technician to help you. With some skill and quality practical advice, your roof will remain functional, without much effort invested and without sacrificing your budget.

For any small fix that requires climbing the roof, make sure you have protective equipment and the weather is allowing you to work safely, at height. Do not start any DIY roof project before these minimum conditions are met!

Check the roof and see if you can spot any water leak

If the roof structure does not allow you to climb it, then go to the attic and look for signs indicating that the water is sneaking inside. Problems detected on time require small repairs that you can do yourself, such as replacing tiles or other waterproofing elements.

Cleaning the gutters

gutter maintenance

This is a simple but very necessary operation that must be performed periodically. You only need a brush and possibly a garden hose, if you need to pour water in the gutters, to check their functionality.

Repair the downspouts loose from wall

Storms can push downspouts off their normal position and this problem needs to be fixed quickly, otherwise water will leak directly on the walls. Downspouts can be straightened out quite easily, with a few clamps that you can buy from specialty stores.

For these or other roofing maintenance, contact a quality San Ramon roofer for all your roofing services.