Gutter cleaning is definitely an operation to include in your spring cleaning, whether they did or did not make it through the winter without getting clogged.

gutter cleaning Pleasanton roofing

If the gutters had to withstand a harsh winter and are now clogged with debris, spring rainfalls will create you a lot of problems. That`s why you should remove everything that is stick inside them (it may be dirt, dried leaves, twigs, bird nests etc.) and test them by using a garden hose to fill them with water and see if it flows freely. This test is also useful to see whether there are holes in the gutters. In this case, replacements are in order.

Remember that if water cannot run through the gutters, it will overflow onto your roof and cause some serious damage to your house. Routine gutter cleaning in the beginning of spring will help you avoid costs related to roof or siding repairs, as well as altered indoor comfort. Additionally, when you have excess moisture on the roof because off a clogged or damaged drainage system, you also risk attracting mosquitoes and vermin – and nobody wants them around their house.

If you are not experienced in performing this type of roof maintenance on your own and you do not have adequate safety equipment, you can always call the gutter cleaning Pleasanton roofing specialists.