Spring is not only the period of the year when nature comes back to life – it is also a busy time for homeowners who want to ensure the health, safety and beauty of their property for the rest of the year. Roof maintenance is an essential part of spring home maintenance – here is how to do it:

  • Roof cleaning and inspection – when winter goes away, it leaves behind lots of debris all over your property, including the roof. To prepare your roof for whatever the summer and the fall brings, you need to remove any dried leaves, dust, twigs and branches that cover your roof after the snow melts. You also need to inspect your roof for any damage caused by the freezing months, so try to check every inch of the roof surface, including the roof valleys, the flashing around the skylights and the chimneys, the gutters and the vents, then note down or document any fault that you find;

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  • Fix everything or hire San Jose roofing company professionals for the job – decide whether you are able to fix the roof faults that your inspection revealed. If you are, do the repairs as soon as you can; if you would feel more comfortable knowing that your roof is taken care of by experts, start looking for an experienced roofer right away.