worker set : gardener,carpenter and plumber

Regular roofing maintenance is a necessary and very important task that will keep problems away. It requires only a little from your time, which is a small price to pay to flag potential problems. In this article, we offer you some do-it-yourself tips for springtime maintenance.

  1. Visually inspect your roof from the ground and try to sport signs of obvious damage (missing or damaged shingles, mold& algae, broken gutters etc.).
  2. Climb the roof using a ladder and adequate protective equipment to prevent any risk of falling. Look for less obvious problems, inspect chimneys, fascias and soffits and see if there is any debris or shingle granules in the gutters. Pay some particular attention to flashing around skylights and chimneys and carefully check for any sign of damage or rust; these are the most sensitive areas of a roof, often responsible for water leaks, so make sure they are tightly secured.
  3. Sweep away dirt and debris from the gutters and even consider cleaning your entire roof if you notice moss or mold formation on the shingles. Avoid improvisations that may damage your roof and make sure to use adequate substances and tools.
  4. If other problems also require repairs and you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills, you should contact an expert Palo Alto roofing contractor immediately.