Cool roofs are typically designed to reduce the amount of energy you use in the summer to cool off your home. If you live in areas where the summer temperatures can go up to 90 or even 100, then the installation of a cool roof is no longer a luxury, but a real necessity.

A cool roof is usually made from good insulating materials that keep heat out and allow your AC to do the rest. Cool roofing systems are also made to reflect sunlight, so they can be painted in light colors or they might even be reflective, such as in the case of some metal roofing systems. Alternatively, they may also include solar panel roofing – which can further reduce your AC expenditure – and coated roofing systems which feature special coating materials for keeping UV rays out.

birds on a roof

The best cool roof will not just prevent heat from entering your home through your attic. A San Jose roofing company cool roof will protect the integrity of your decking and under layment by protecting them from UV radiation, and do the same for your entire home by keeping out any additional radiation coming from the sun.

With a cool roof you can live a healthier life and save hundreds of dollars per year. Moreover, with your AC no longer working overtime, you can keep it going for many years to come with just some minimal maintenance.