While many people consider the benefits of installing a brand new roof or hiring a contractor to provide them with maintenance services for their HVAC systems, many homeowners tend to ignore the importance of attic insulation.

Fremont roofing insulation

As you know, insulation is what helps your home retain the heat that your heating system produces. Without it, the heat would escape during the winter, and your gas bill would be much higher.

The reason why attic insulation is more important than any other type of insulation is that it protects  what is probably the most sensitive areas of your home. When strong winds hit your house, the winter cold will typically enter through the roof and the attic, then make its way to the rest of your home. As a result of this, with adequate attic insulation, your home will retain much more of its heat.

Attic insulation also has the role of regulating the temperature and humidity levels in your roof and attic. According to Fremont roofing insulation experts, with the right amount of insulation, there will be no excessive heat build-up that would lead to excessive moisture and mold. Also, pests can be avoided, and your roof will have a much greater life span than it otherwise would, were it to be affected by improperly chosen or poorly installed attic insulation.