San Mateo roofing coatings

One of the most important factors to pay attention to if you want your building to give you reliable protection from the elements is the sturdiness and strength of your roof. If you consider that your roof is strong enough right now, you probably want to keep it that way and the best way to ensure that is to treat your roof surface with a suitable coating product. Here is how roof coating treatments can enhance the performance of your roof, while also prolonging its lifespan:

  • Increasing water resistance – one of the most common forms of roof damage is water damage. Fortunately, the issue can be efficiently avoided with the help of waterproofing coatings that seal the roof surface, making it impermeable;
  • Fade resistance – many roof coating products have been designed to protect not only the health of the roof, but its appearance as well, preventing or slowing down the fading caused by harsh solar radiation;
  • Increased reflectivity – the coatings developed for fade prevention usually have superior reflective capabilities, therefore they will reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your roof. A cooler San Mateo roofing coating material means that less heat is transferred to your building interior through the roof, so you will need less energy to maintain your rooms comfortably cool in summer.