Palo Alto roofing insulation

The warm, Mediterranean climate that dominates California is surely welcoming and comfortable, but the state is so large that it has polar and subtropical climate areas as well. This also means that the insulation used in the attics of local homes need to be able to protect building interiors against scorching heat as well as against extreme cold. Attic insulation being essential not only for your Palo Alto  home’s energy efficiency, but also for creating a healthy and comfortable interior in any of the state’s climate zones, here are a few of the most common insulation materials used by Palo Alto roofing experts:
– Fiberglass batting – the cheapest, easiest-to-install insulation material (the batts are simply pushed into the stud spaces in the wood frame installed on the surface to be insulated), suitable not only for insulating the attic, but for the walls as well;
– Spray foam – this type of material is blown onto the surface to be insulated. It is somewhat more expensive than the previous type, but it has a longer lifespan and it seals the surface perfectly, preventing thermal exchange as well as water leaks;
– Loose fill insulation – made from smaller particles of cellulose or mineral, loose fill insulation is a great, efficient and affordable solution, but the particles tend to settle over time, which might lead to diminished insulation capacity.