Roof damage can be caused by many things – here are some of the most common causes for roof damage in California:

  • Improper installation – many homeowners in California choose to install their own roof, hoping to save some money. While some amateur roofers can do an excellent job, the risk of severe, premature roof damage is much higher with roofs installed by DIYers;
  • Wind damage – the varied terrain conditions in California are associated with varied climate and quickly changing weather systems, high winds being among the most common causes of roofing damage in the state;
  • Hail damage – hailstorms are becoming increasingly frequent in California and the storms are becoming increasingly severe as well. Most roofing materials are sensitive to the impact caused by hailstone, hail damage being another frequently encountered form of roof deterioration;

Livermore roofing pros inspect and maintain your roof and gutter system

  • Neglect – the lack of proper, regular maintenance is another frequent cause of roof damage. Count on top notch Livermore roofing pros to complete any of the following maintenance jobs with pride and quality. Any roof needs to be regularly inspected and cleaned and maintenance sessions also need to include the repair of any roof fault detected during the inspection. The gutters also need to be inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary – without maintenance, gutter pipes can get easily clogged and otherwise damaged, which can cause damage to the roof, to the walls as well as to the foundation of the house.