Roof leaks, if they are left unrepaired, can cause major damage not only to the roof itself, but to the walls and ceilings in your home, even to your basement and your foundation. The primary role of roofs is to protect the home from the elements, but if the roofing cover or the components that are supposed to weatherproof overlapping roof sections become damaged, water will find its way into the deeper layers of the roof and into the home. If you don’t know how to find problem points that can lead to leaks, here are a few of the major causes of San Mateo roofing leaks:

leaky roof repair

  • Roof age – roofing materials become weaker with age, therefore they also become prone to developing holes;
  • Improperly sealed roof vents – the vent pipes on your roof can easily develop cracks and gaps, allowing water to reach into places where it should not reach;
  • Flashing damage – flashing is the structure composed of stripes of strong material, usually metal, that seals the roof areas around chimneys, skylights and in roofing valleys. If the flashing slides out of place or it cracks, water can seep underneath the roof cover;
  • Debris build-up – the wind carries and deposits lots of debris, such as dry leaves, dust, twigs, even larger branches. Such debris can trap rainwater that will eventually find a way to get underneath the roof.