Danville roofing

Roofs are structures that can resist a lot, but the issues they can be affected by are also varied – here are some of the most common causes for roofing issues:

  • Aging – no roof lives forever and roofing issues tend to increase in frequency as the roof is approaching the end of its lifetime;
  • Broken or missing roof covering components – displaced or missing shingles and tiles, shingles that no longer have the topmost layer of mineral granules, broken or otherwise damaged flashing stripes are all among the common causes of roofing problems, especially of leaks;
  • General negligence – neglecting Danville roofing maintenance tasks and failing to address roof issues in a timely manner usually lead to the premature failure of any roof;
  • Improper attic insulation and roof ventilation – when the hot air that rises from the lower levels of the building meets the cold air in the attic in winter, the process often results in the appearance of condense, that is, of excessive moisture in the attic space that is so damaging for the entire roof structure. Proper insulation installed on the attic floor, along with suitable vents installed on the roof can solve the problem easily, what’s more, these repair measures will also improve the home’s energy efficiency.