Flat roofing used to be a roof type mostly used on commercial properties, but in recent decades, the solution has become increasingly widespread for modern residential buildings as well. The flat structure of these roofs requires special materials.

San Jose roofing contractors install flat roofing

Consult with smart San Jose roofing contractors to see what is the best option for your commercial or residential property.  Here are the most common flat roofing materials:

  • Built-up roofs – BUR solutions use alternate layers of tar paper or asphalt and some sort of aggregate, such as river rocks, gravel or mineral granules. The layered structure of these roofs ensures durability as well as problem-free performance;
  • Metal – the alloys used for manufacturing the sheets for flat roofs are resistant to rust and corrosion, providing a great solution for a durable flat roof that can stay on your building for 30-40 years;
  • EPDM rubber – the material is stretch out tightly to cover the entire roofing surface, thus providing an excellent, durable and weather-resistant roofing solution;
  • Green roofing – these modern roofs are covered in vegetation made up from species that can endure harsh weather without requiring too much care. Green roofs come with the additional benefit of improving the quality of the air around the building as well as inside and they can also reduce the urban heat island effect on the entire property.