If you are currently planning a new construction or a retrofitting project, choosing the right roof design is essential for getting the protection that you require your roof to provide as well as for the pleasing and harmonious appearance of your entire property. The best way to identify what will work best with your home or business, as well as your budget, is to consult with knowledgeable San Jose roofing contractors.

San Jose roofing contractors

Here are some of the most common roof designs to choose from:

  • Gable roof – this is the most common roof type consisting of two slopes that meet at the top to form a triangle. This type of roof is the best choice for areas that get high amounts of precipitation in the form of rain as well as in the form of snow that needs to slide down the side of the roof;
  • Hip roofs – these structures consist of slopes on four sides and the slopes come together at the top. The design is appreciated for its strength and resistance, qualities that make it an excellent choice for snowy and windy regions;
  • Flat roofs – these roofs are most commonly used on commercial and industrial buildings, but they are becoming increasingly popular for modern residential buildings as well. The solution is preferred by many owners for its low maintenance needs as well as because they require less material than pitched roofs.