Weatherproofing your roof can be somewhat difficult and it might also turn out to be expensive. However, you’ll find that it brings a lot of advantages that most homeowners don’t even tend to think about.

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Let’s start with the cons. Weatherproofing can be a unique type of job that depends on a lot of factors. The roof you own, the climate and weather in the area you live in and the specific problems you have with your roof will make it hard even for an experienced weatherproofing San Ramon roofer to determine exactly what the best variety of weatherproofing might be for your roof. Also, depending on the system and roofing products you opt for, weatherproofing can be quite expensive in some cases.

On the other hand, weatherproofing can greatly extend the lifespan of your roof by protecting it from the elements. The right type of coating will protect your roof from harmful UV radiation and from large pieces of hail that might otherwise cause extensive damage. Problems like pooling and damaged flashing will also go away.

Finally, the great thing about weatherproofing is that it also adds an extra protection for your home. Leaks are less likely to happen, so your home will not lose any heat during the winter, and well-designed cool roof weatherproofing will also cause UV rays to bounce off your roof, so they don’t get absorbed in the summer, which would cause your home to heat up.