plants for a rooftop garden

Green roofs and rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular these days, not only because the plants growing on your roof will instantly improve the quality of the air around the house, but also because the rooftop can give you the garden that you want if you have no space for it around the building. According to San Jose roofing company experts, here are some of the things that you should pay attention to if you have plants on the roof:

  • Access to water – whatever plants you grow on your rooftop, your greenery will need water. Before you start picking your plants, determine how you will water them – check whether you can run a hose up there or you will need a barrel of water up there;
  • Choose plants that resist dryness and heat – there are lots of spectacular, colorful plants that resist dry spells, such as Mediterranean herbs, including basil and rosemary, peppers, especially varieties that come from South America or from other hot climate areas. Pick plants that don’t grow very deep roots, but are resistant to strong air movement;
  • Ask for permission – if you live in a condo or your HOA covenant requires you to obtain the permission of your neighbors to build a garden on your rooftop, make sure you get that permission before you start building the garden.