Choosing the material and creating the design for your new roof is no small task – you need to make very meticulous calculations and informed decisions to find the material that works best in terms of visual appeal, energy efficiency and cost, you need to figure out the design that is the most suitable for the overall style of the building as well as for the climate conditions in your area.

San Jose roofing contractors

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when picking your roof:

  • Energy bills and thermal comfort inside the building – the material and the structure of your new roof will determine how energy-efficient your home will be. Some materials, such as clay or cement tiles, insulate better than others, but whatever the material of choice, you will need to have your helpful San Jose roofing contractors factor in adding the right type of insulation underneath the roof as well;
  • Flat or sloping – the sloping angle of your roof will also determine your material choice. Metal, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shingles and slate are the most common materials for sloping roofs, while bitumen and rubber are the most widespread materials for flat roofs;
  • Color and style – most roofing materials come in various colors. When you choose the color of your new roof, make sure it works with the overall style of your building and pay attention to the homes in your neighborhood as well – your building will need to fit in with the surrounding properties as well.