holiday decorating safety Outdoor decorations are essential components of the winter holidays, but they are only temporary embellishments that must be installed without causing permanent damage to your roof. Here are a few tips about how to use holiday decorations without causing any harm to your roof:

  • Avoid nails – hammering nails into the roof to fasten decorations is a very common mistake and also a mistake that causes permanent damage to your roof. Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives that allow you to fasten your decorations in a way that is safe for the roof, too: you can use special clips designed for the purpose or you can use tape;
  • Use only decorations meant to be used outdoors – these decorations are sufficiently sturdy to withstand rain, snow and wind and their electric circuits are safe to be used in moist environments;
  • Install your decorations away from the chimney – windy weather can bring your decorations close to the heat on its way out through your chimney and most decorations are made from materials that could melt or blow up if they come close to heat, so make sure you keep your decorations at a safe distance from the chimney;
  • Pay attention to satellite dishes, power lines, roof vents and antennas, too – make sure your decorations do not touch any of these.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Happy holidays from your Danville roofing pros. Call us for all your roofing service needs.