Flat roofs are different from sloping roof types not only in terms of shape. Flat roofing behaves differently when it comes to how it stands up to moisture and water as well – it drains differently and the signs that indicate water damage are different, too.

Palo Alto roofing tips

The difference calls for a different approach in terms to maintenance, so here are a few tips about how to keep moisture off your flat roof:

  • Pay increased attention to drainage – while regular gutter and roof surface cleaning is important in the case of slanting roofs, they are essential for flat roofs. The best way to make sure that your flat roof does not suffer because of ponding water is to ensure that the gutter pipes and drains installed around your flat roof are always free from clogs. You will also need to clean the roof regularly to avoid the accumulation of debris that can trap water and damage the roofing underneath;
  • Have Palo Alto roofing experts inspect the roof regularly and address the damage quickly – flat roofs need to be inspected for signs of damage more frequently than sloping roofs. The damage sustained by flat roofs cannot be assessed from the ground, so you will need to go up on the roof to check it after rainy days to find any discoloration, cracks, spots and holes. If you find any problems, make sure they are addressed in a timely manner, otherwise they can aggravate quickly.