Flat roofs are great, modern and durable roofing solutions, but their flatness makes them more sensitive to the moisture and to the accumulation of water damage. However, with a little attention and some maintenance, you can prevent such damage and enjoy the great appearance that your sleek and modern flat roof confers your building – here is how:

  • Regularly inspect the roof and the components responsible for draining and clean them – flat roofs need to be checked for accumulated debris and the gutter pipes surrounding it also need to be checked for clogs. The debris carried by the wind and deposited on your roof and inside your gutters can absorb rain water and damage the surface of the roof or compromise the efficiency of the gutters and other drainage pipes;

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  • Insulate your flat roof – moisture on your flat roof can appear as the result of condensation as well. When the warm water from inside the building rises and is not obstructed by insulation, it meets the cold air outside the roof and droplets of water will appear at the meeting point between the two bodies. While adding suitable insulation is easier during the installation of your flat roof, there are solutions available for already finished roofs as well, so consult with a flat roof San Ramon roofer to find out about your options.