If the summer heat makes you feel sweltering even inside your home, you must know that one of the culprits for your thermal discomfort is the roof on your building – roofs become even hotter than the air around you, absorbing solar heat and transferring it to your building interior after the sun has set and the air has started to cool down.

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Fortunately, there are various methods available for you to reduce the amount of heat transferred from the roof to your roofs – here are some:

  • Apply reflective coating – these substances are easy to apply, all you need is a brush or a spray can and they are very efficient, too, covering the roof into a layer that reflects solar heat;
  • Use light colored material – lighter colors reflect heat more efficiently than darker hues. If your roof is made from a material that can be painted, pick a light shade and paint your roof – it will reduce the temperature of your roof considerably;
  • Install vents – improperly vented roofs become hotter because the air cannot circulate properly underneath, so there is no ventilation to cool them. Have trusted San Jose roofing company professionals make sure to have an inlet vent at the bottom of the roof and an outlet right under the ridge to keep the temperature underneath the roof comfortably cool even when it gets scorching hot outside.