holiday decorating

Putting up holiday decorations on your roof is no easy task and it can be dangerous, too, so here are a few tips to keep you safe while working high up:

  • Prepare the area to be decorated as well as your access to it – have San Mateo roofing clean the gutters and the roof as well and make sure that you can put your ladder securely against the wall or the gutter;
  • Check your ladder and the ground – you need to make sure that the ladder is safe to climb on and that it has two or three rungs that reach over the point where you want to step of the roof to make the climb easier. Also, make sure that the ground where you put your ladder is perfectly level and that the ladder is suitably secured and will not slip;
  • Don’t do it alone – working on roofs can be dangerous even if you have experience working up there and you don’t suffer from a fear of heights. Never climb up there without having on the ground holding the ladder for you, handing you tools or helping you install really large decorations;
  • Wear work protection clothing – non-slip work boots, work gloves and a helmet are essential for safe work on your roof, whether it is decorating work, roof repair or just some roof cleaning.