Roofing problems are best solved by professional roofers, but to make sure that the repair goes well, the repaired roof is sturdy and the repairs also fit into your budget, you need to tell your roofer about the problem you are faced with and to ask all the right questions.

Helpful Tips from a San Ramon roofer

Here are some tips about how to communicate with your roofer:

  • Tell your roofer all the details of your roof and of the fault – the material that your roof is made from, the age of the roof, the roof-related problems that you have experienced in the past and the details of the current problem are all important for your roofer to allow him to get an idea of the work to be done;
  • Invite the roofer to inspect your roof – it is the best method to obtain an accurate cost estimate;
  • Ask the roofer to explain the process to you – a good San Ramon roofer will be able and willing to walk you through the process, telling you exactly what each work phase will involve;
  • Ask about warranty – the materials used on your roof all come with a manufacturer’s warranty and roofer will offer you warranty on the labor, so make sure you find out all about this aspect, too.