Palo Alto roofing

When it comes down to solving problems with excess condensation and humidity, Palo Alto roofing experts can provide some invaluable support. Upon inspecting your roof, they can determine the source of the problem and address it right away. Even if the situation looks like it can’t be helped and you might need to get tens of thousands of dollars to fund the installation of a new roof, a good team of Palo Alto roofing professionals may still be able to do some damage control and extend your roof’s functional lifespan a little longer.

Most of the time, condensation and excessive heat felt in the attic is a roofing problem. It tends to happen if there isn’t enough ventilation and temperature differences between the attic and the outside of the roof can become greater than expected. Heat then tends to build up in the attic causing condensation, humidity and, in time, water and mold damage.

There are many possible causes for this problem, including improper insulation, a poorly installed roof, bad ventilation and the installation of a type of roofing material that doesn’t fit well with California’s climate. Depending on what the real culprit is, your Palo Alto roofers might be able to intervene and correct the issue even if it seems too difficult to handle.