Livermore roofing

Hiring a Livermore roofing contractor for the professional, regular maintenance of your roof is an excellent idea. The maintenance programs provided by local roofers are very affordable, but they can efficiently prolong the life of the roofs enrolled. Here is how to discuss the process with your roofing contractor:

  • Discuss previous maintenance activities – whether your roof has been maintained by a professional or you have undertaken the task, it is very important for your roofer to know what has been and what has not been done on the roof, so the first thing to discuss should be an honest assessment of the roofs condition;
  • Discuss the frequency of the maintenance visits – ideally, according to full service Livermore roofing pros, your roof should receive a professional maintenance visit two times a year, once in spring and one more time in fall, to prepare the roof for the two harshest seasons summer and winter. Discuss that aspect with your roofer as well;
  • The procedures included – the two tasks that are most commonly involved in maintenance programs are roof inspection and roof cleaning. Both processes should involve the inspection and the cleaning of the adjacent systems, too, more precisely, of the gutters and the downspouts. Make sure to clarify that aspect with your roofer as well.