Maintenance is just as important for the interior spaces in your home as it is for the exterior and spring is the best time to remedy any damage caused to your outdoor spaces by winter. Here are some of the most important maintenance activities for spring:

Fremont roofing maintenance


  • Roof and gutter cleaning – start exterior home maintenance at the top. Climb up to the roof and remove any debris and dirt that has accumulated on the roof surface and in the gutters, then fix any issues, such as damaged roofing components and sagging gutters. If you are not comfortable doing work up there, hire a local Fremont roofing specialist to handle the tasks for you – cleaning services are quite affordable and they guarantee professional results;
  • Cleaning, checking and repairing the siding – intact, damage-free siding is essential for protecting your home against the elements, so clean your siding panels, then check them inch by inch and fix any damage that you find. Wood and cement siding can be repaired, but if you detect significant damage on your metal or vinyl panels, you will need to replace the damaged parts;
  • Fixing issues around doors and windows – inspect the wall around the openings on your building. If you find holes or cracks, get some caulk and fix them quickly to prevent the aggravation of the damage;
  • Clean, inspect and repair your fences as well – you might also need to apply a fresh coat of paint as well.