While specialized or complex roofing work requires specialized knowledge of San Mateo roofing pros and specialized tools as well, simple roof repairs don’t need very special tools – here is what you should have at hand for most amateur roof repairs or for maintenance work:

  • A roofing hammer – also known as a roofing hatchet, a roofing hammer has an adjustable gauge for the correct positioning of shingles;
  • Pry bars – they come in various sizes and are essential for efficient nail removal;
  • A caulking gun – essential for roof repairs that are done with sealant material or with roofing cement. You can use self-contained tubes of caulk, too, but caulking guns are easier to handle and they ensure more precise application of the material;
  • A tin snip – roofing work, especially the tasks related to shingle roof repairs, involve a lot of cutting. Tin snips are great, handy tools that you can carry up to the roof easily and will cut through almost any material;
  • A power nailer – another tool that makes work much easier on shingle roofs;
  • Tools for removing debris – roof work usually generates debris that must be removed. A shovel, a push-broom and a bucket might be very handy for the task.

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