Los Gatos Roofing

Owning your own house doesn`t mean just personal comfort, but also responsibility in providing it constant care and attention. The roof is an important element, both visually and functionally, that must not be ignored, because any barely visible vulnerability can turn soon into a big and costly problem. You will have to do your best to avoid this, and the best way is to schedule regular professional Los Gatos roof maintenance and make the necessary repairs promptly, before they escalate.

Repairs are considerably cheaper than a roof replacement. The national average is currently about $650 for patching a moderate leak in an asphalt roof), but it can be as low as $150 for patching small leaks, but also as high as $3,000 for major repairs.

However, the amounts of money people must pay for fixing their roofs vary greatly. Cost factors include:

  • The type of the roof (a sloped roof with complex angles will typically take more resources to be repaired than a flat roof, in terms of materials, work amount and safety precautions that must be taken for working at height).
  • Local permits. Most roofing repair permits cost an average of $75, but if we are talking about more significant repairs, you will need more expensive permits that may cost up to $500.
  • The scope of your project. Repairing missing shingles or small leaks will be less expensive than major repairs.
  • Water damage. Sometimes, a roof leak goes unnoticed for a while and, until you manage to identify it, it may already caused additional damage that will increase the costs.