A roofing certification is typically acquired after a roof inspection has been done. The process is different from a home inspection and in involves the inspector climbing on the roof and assessing its current state determining whether or not the roof is in a satisfactory condition. A certified roof means that the roof is in a good condition, not presenting any leaks and can last for another 2-3 years, depending on the state. Experts, like those found at Los Gatos Roofing, offer the following advice:

Los Gatos Roofing offers Skills, abilities and knowlwdgeMost of the time, a roof certification is commissioned by people who want to sell their property and want to offer the buyer a guarantee that the roof is in good condition for the coming years. The certification may vary depending on location. If the current state of the roof presents many issue and damages, the roof cannot be certified until the said issues are fixed.

Certification is being granted only after it is inspected by a licensed roofing inspector. A roofing inspector needs to have the necessary license to make sure that it complies with all the current laws in a state. To acquire a roofing license, a roofing contractor must pass certain exams required by the city or county government that they want to operate in. Some websites give in detail the requirements of each county that are necessary before obtaining a roofing license.

Working with a roofer that does not have a license is risky and unadvisable as the roofer may not be insured and the homeowner may become financially viable. They may also do a terrible job at inspecting the roof and also may not be familiar with the necessary codes required for a roof to receive certification.