Roof gardens can be impressive to say the least. Whether you want to plant unique flowers, or you’re looking to blend a garden with contrasting elements such as walkways, rock gardens and stairways, you can typically take everything well past your typical green roof. So should you consider such a design?

In many cases, determining whether or not a particular roof design is suitable for you will depend a lot on the circumstances. Is your home built in an area where there are no strong winds and the climate facilitates the growth of healthy plants in the springtime? Are you able to grow evergreens? Do you want something more unique and aesthetically pleasing than your typical wood, slate or asphalt shingle roof? If so, then you are definitely a good candidate for a quality roof garden.

roof garden

There are many challenges of course. The expenses and the maintenance work involved with a roof garden will be far less manageable than those associated with a typical roof. Moreover, aside from the fact that you’ll have to work hard to help maintain your roof garden’s ecosystem, you’ll also have to be careful of weather changes and how storms might affect your garden.

These considerations are all valid. However, expert roof garden San Jose roofers will be the first to tell you that modern day roof gardens are designed with a great deal of forethought in mind, so that in many cases, the pros of considering a roof garden far outweigh any of the negative arguments that tend to present roof gardens in a bad light.