Composite shingles make great, attractive, durable and affordable roofing solutions – here are the most important features of these roofing systems to help you decide whether shingles are the best option for your project, too:

  • Cost – composite shingles, whether simple, 3-tab varieties or architectural shingles, are among the most affordable roofing options.
  • Weight – composite shingles are lightweight, which makes them the best roofing solution for buildings that would be unable to hold up the weight of heavier roofing, such as clay tiles or slate.
  • Lots of attractive design options – composite shingles come in many sizes, shapes and colors, some varieties are made to resemble wood or clay tiles, so you can easily find the product that best matches the appearance of your home.
  • Durability and resistance – composite shingles might be lightweight, but they are very strong and durable. Composite material can resist harsh weather, it is not affected by exposure to strong sunshine and they are not sensitive to mold, fire or rodent attacks either. Most shingles made from composite material come with a warranty of 20-30 years, but you can expect to live much longer than that.

damaged roof shingles

  • Easy maintenance – composite shingles should be inspected annually by skilled San Jose roofers for structural damage to make sure that the roof is healthy and intact, but they don’t need any other maintenance procedure, such as treatment with chemicals.