Removing tree debris such as dead branches and fallen leaves from your roof and gutters is a great recommendation that is related to roofing maintenance. However, instead of recommending just that, a lot of San Mateo roofing experts lately have been telling people that it’s much better to just prevent the debris from falling in the first place.

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While it can’t be helped if you had several tall trees close to your home for many years, and the damage is done, the following tips should help you prevent most issues related to tree debris in the future:

  1. Trim the branches closest to your house as well as the ones that are taller and somewhat loose. That way you can prevent the wind from tearing them down and sweeping them onto your roof during a powerful storm.
  2. Talk to your neighbor about doing the same with trees that are present on their properties but with branches extending dangerously close to your roof.
  3. Consider cutting down one or two older trees that are very close to your home and replacing them with new ones that you could plant at a somewhat greater distance.
  4. If there are any younger trees too close to your house, you might consider hiring a professional service to relocate the, as long as their roots aren’t extended too far underground and can still be removed safely.