In most cases,  July celebrations are definitely worth looking forward to. Your town might be organizing the most amazing local fireworks display and events that you’ve seen in recent years. However, even that won’t top some of the celebration events that are organized in California.

summer celebrations

East Bay is one of those areas that never disappoint, and if you’re in California with your family and kids, then you should definitely check it out. Here are just a few of the places and celebrations that you shouldn’t miss once you arrive:

  • The Berkeley Marina is the scene for the famous Berkeley Fireworks Show. East Bay residents and visitors can show up to view the fireworks even before 8-9 PM on the 4th of July, even though the event itself only starts around 9:30. Be sure to arrive early and get good seats, since the fireworks here are worth every second of your time!
  • For a full day of fun with the entire family, you can enjoy delicious pancake breakfasts, dog shows and lots of other fun and exciting activities at the Moraga Commons 4th of July Celebration Event.
  • Finally, the Alameda’s Mayor’s Parade is one of the best places to be in California if you want to admire a local parade and make sure your kids have a good time at the same time. Here more than 30,000 people watch the parade each year, and the kid-friendly area is open starting from 8 AM.

Remember to have a fun, and safe, summer vacation. For all your roofing services, contact hardworking San Ramon roofer professionals.