San Ramon storm damage roof repair

Weather can be harsh, especially nowadays, when we experience the effects of the global warming. Storms with heavy rain can be a serious threat to roofs, therefore people must be prepared to watch out for roof rain damage.

Here are the most important aspects that have to be considered.

  1. Install roofs with adequate designs and made from quality materials, able to withstand local weather
  2. Install gutters and downspouts and make sure to keep them free of debris. Without a fully functional drainage system, water drips off the roof, causing leaks and damage to the siding.
  3. Install vents with guards that prevent water from being driven into your attic. Also, make sure your chimney is properly hooded, for the same reason.
  4. Schedule roof inspections, at least twice a year, and make sure they are performed by professional San Ramon roofers, able to identify any problems and roof vulnerabilities, so you can fix them quickly.
  5. Do not allow vegetation in your yard to damage your roof. Hanging tree limbs are particularly dangerous during rainstorms, so trim them regularly.
  6. If your roof is old and close to the end of its lifespan, start making the replacement arrangements. Do not postpone this until the last moment, because replacing a roof is expensive and also requires you to find a certified San Ramon roofer you can trust.