Pest attacks are the third most common cause of roof damage, after aging and storm damage. The range of critters that can invade your roof is very wide, from insects, such as termites, various rodents, including mice, squirrels, rats and racoons as well as birds, bats and others. Deterring them can be a difficult task, but not impossible to accomplish – here are some methods:

  • Trim your trees – most critters move in and out of attics using the trees near the building. Trimming back overhanging tree limbs will prevent uninvited animal guests from getting into the building and from setting up their home in your attic;

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  • Call dependable San Jose roofers to inspect your roof for damages and necessary repairs.
  • Clean the gutters – gutter pipes overflowing with leaves, twigs and other debris make very attractive nesting places for birds. Clean the pipes regularly – clean gutter pipes are hard and slippery, therefore not very inviting nest locations;
  • Seal your attic – critters can get into your attic through the tiniest cracks and holes, so finding and sealing all the potential entry and exit points is a great way to deter them. Perform a thorough inspection of the attic, looking for any gap around the points where cables enter your building and for cracks in the attic space, then seal them all with caulk;
  • Call exterminators – if your efforts don’t bring the desired efforts, you can call professionals who will identify and eliminate problem points and will make sure the critters will not come back.