Green roofs are not a modern invention. They have been built since antiquity, if we only think of the Semiramis Garden also known as The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built between 605-562 BC, by King Nebuchadnezzar II. They stretched over 15,000 m2 and had four distinct floors, the last one rising up to 77 meters. Vegetation and trees used to provide effective protection against heat and sunlight.

Over time, there have been also countries where people have adapted their needs to the existing resources. In Iceland, for example, due to the lack of building materials, green roofs used to be a very common occurrence.

Their popularity grew worldwide in the 20th century, when shops and malls started to set up real green parks on their roofs.

The financial benefits of the green roof

  • Insulation

Advantage: it maintains the thermal comfort and ensures low costs for heating and cooling the building.

San Jose roofers

  • Eco-friendliness, combining functionality with naturalness

Advantage: thanks to the beautiful aspect of a green roof, along with the energy savings and the growing of environmental responsibility, buyers are willing to pay more for buildings with a green roof. Therefore, a green roof raises the value of the building. Have eco conscious San Jose roofers look at your roof for ways to repair or replace in a more eco friendly way.

  • Getting subsidies and tax exemptions

Advantage: Lower costs for installation and exploitation.

  • Long life – money savings

Advantage: long-lasting value.