Stone-coated steel is among the most modern roofing materials, the shingles made from it enjoying huge popularity.

In the past, steel roofs used to consist of large panels, but modern steel solutions use shingle-shaped components that maintain all the great features of the larger panels. Stone-coated varieties are made from 24-gauge or 26-gauge steel covered in a rust-protective coating and a topcoat of stone powder that becomes permanently adhered to the surface and serves protection as well as aesthetic purposes.

Stone-coated steel Livermore roofing

Stone-coated steel Livermore roofing shingles have lots of great benefits – here are some:

  • Prolonged lifespan – metal-coated steel provides a long-lived solution, offering durability of 40-70 years;
  • Resistance to adverse conditions – these special shingles can endure gale-force winds, thick layers of snow, excessive rain and they are impervious to fire and pests as well;
  • Low maintenance needs – stone-coated steel requires even less maintenance than conventional steel roofs (which are also durable). However, even these roofs need to be cleaned and inspected each year, but the inspections are not likely to reveal any faults that are difficult or costly to remedy;
  • Varied appearance – stone-coated metal shingles are available in lots of different colors, with many options in terms of finishes, so you will surely find the perfect fit for your building style.