In San Jose, summers are warm, long, and arid, while winters are short, wet, and cold. Considering this type of climate, San Jose roofing companies install many cool roofing solutions each year. Cool roofing is an emergent technology used for better temperature control of indoor environments. A cool roof withstands UV exposure and prevents heat absorption while providing adequate ventilation between the roof cover and the decking.

San Jose roofers

There are several roof solutions suitable for hot climates – here are the most commonly recommended by esteemed San Jose roofers:

Clay roofs

Clay tiles are specific to Mediterranean-style homes, and they are some of the most energy-efficient roofing materials, also providing natural ventilation. Their solar roof index is over 50%.

Metal Roofs

If you prefer a more affordable and also lightweight roofing material that will still ensure adequate thermal comfort during hot summer days, you can opt for metal shingles. A metal roof is highly reflective, so it acts as a thermal barrier, reducing cooling costs by up to 20%.

Green or “Living” Roofs

These roofs have a lot of practical value beyond their charm. They reduce both: heat loss and heat absorption, as well as the heat island effect, specific to urban areas.