When fixing shingles not everything goes smoothly. In some cases, avoiding mistakes isn’t that necessary, since the problem doesn’t cause much damage either in the short or long term. However, according to San Jose roofers some mistakes can cost you a lot of money and many lost hours trying to repair your roof to no avail.

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The first thing you have to make sure is that a replacement shingle you want to install is of the same type and size as the one that was broken or dislodged. Failing to do so could allow rainwater to drip between the shingles and cause damage to your roof.

Misdiagnosing a problem can also lead to a lot of damage that could have been avoided. For instance, if you see a leak in your attic and you see a few dislodged shingles and the damaged flashing next to it, you might want to address your flashing problem first, or at least work to identify what is causing the leak in the first place, instead of just going for the shingle repair right off the bat.

Finally, avoid reusing shingles or adding new shingles on top of old ones. Aside from being an unsightly quick solution to a serious problem, it can also cause your roof to be damaged again more easily next time a big storm is brewing.