Fremont roofing contractors inspect and repair leaking roofs

The main causes of a roof leak are defects of the roof cover, damaged thermal insulation layer, failure of the drainage system and problems with the flashing. The level of damage can vary; some of the leaks require minor repairs, while others require specialized intervention and more complex work, including replacing the entire roof cover. Defects that cause roof leaks are caused by many factors:

  • using poor quality roof materials and fasteners
  • the normal wear and tear as a result of atmospheric exposure and age
  • technological violations during installation;
  • mechanical deterioration of the roof in the process of cleaning it or removing snow and ice
  • biological destruction of cover and roof structures (the appearance of moss, algae etc.)

And, although the cause of a leak can be determined theoretically, it can be difficult to find it, because water can travel along beams and pipes and show up quite far from the infiltration point.

In addition, even the most reliable roofing materials can become vulnerable in certain conditions, because there is o such thing as perfect sealing: wind gusts can blow both snow and raindrops under the cover. So, if you experience a roof leak, you must call a reputable Fremont roofing contractor to perform a complete inspection and identify the best solutions to fix the problem.