San Jose roofing company roof repair

Roof leaks are among the most common (if not the single most common) roofing issues that the owners of residential and commercial buildings are faced with. Many leaks appear out of the blue, without any prior notice, others are small in the beginning and aggravate over time because the initial problem was neglected. Here are some of the most common causes for roof leaks repaired by San Jose roofing company contractors– if you pay more attention to these issues, you will probably be able to prevent most leaks on your roof:

  • Compromised roofing surface – whether caused by improper installation, by aging or by extreme weather, the most frequent cause for leaks is displaced or damaged roof covering materials. Buckling, curling and punctured shingles, cracked tiles, punctured metal components can all let water seep through;
  • Compromised flashing – the stripes installed where two roof slopes meet or around roof openings, such as around the skylights, are very sensitive to extreme weather and time can also thin and damage them;
  • Clogged gutters – obstructed gutter pipes can cause dust and other debris to accumulate on the roof. Roof debris tends to absorb and keep in water, weakening the roofing underneath and causing leaks;
  • Normal aging – no roof lives forever, not even perfectly installed and perfectly maintained ones. The appearance of increasingly frequent leaks is a sign that your roof might need to be replaced soon.