Probably the first image that forms into our mind about a tile roof is related to the Mediterranean style. However, in reality tiles are versatile, being available in different materials and colors that match many roof types and styles. The key is to find the best match between you tile roof and the rest of the house. A design specialist San Ramon roofer can help you chose and install what will work best.

San Ramone roofer Regular tile roofs are typically made from clay and have the specific red natural color. However, this is not the only option. Synthetic concrete tiles are modern materials, durable and available in a wide color palette.
Neutral grey roof tiles as well as brown tiles are more easily to work with than traditional red clay tiles because the go very well with any other color we would use for siding and other elements of the building.
The house color must complement the roof, for a visually pleasing effect. As such, unless you use a neutral shade for the roof, you must respect a few rules.
First, if the roof has strong warm undertones, never choose cool colors for the house, but stay on the same side of the roof and go for colors like light brown or tan. On the other way, a cool blue or grey roof will match cool colors such as light emerald green or gray blue.