San Jose roofers

The intensive development of the building materials market led to a significant increase in the achievable energy standard of new buildings, demanded by both investors and the legislators. Today, we are no longer just talking about energy-efficient buildings; low-energy, passive and even zero-energy buildings are slowly but steadily becoming a standard, especially as more and more people become interested in the concept of sustainability.

A well-insulated house with an energy-efficient roof will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Thus, efficiency translates to “better comfort with less resources” and will have a positive impact on your budget.

Cold roofs are well suited in the climate of San Jose, with its long, warm and arid summers and recommended by local and affordable San Jose roofers. They have a lighter color than traditional roofs and save energy by reflecting light and heat.  Research shows that light-colored tiles and shingles can lower the air temperature in the roof by up to nine degrees, compared to darker tiles, which means lower energy consumption for air conditioning. Therefore, roofing materials such as ceramic tiles or light asphalt shingles are rather common choices in the San Jose area.

Metal shingles are also becoming increasingly popular. They naturally reflect the sun’s rays, without the need for application of light paints or coatings.