Having a good roof over your head is an essential part of every home. It is the most important part of a home that protects you and your belongings from outside elements. A roof tear off is not an easy task and doing so requires a small crew and the right tools for the operation to go smooth. During a re-roofing process, the tearing off part is toughest and getting done with it as quickly as possible is why you need a small team of Palo Alto roofing experts.

Before proceeding with the tear-off, taking the necessary safety precautions is a must such as preparing the area for work. This will prevent the nails and debris from falling on the grass making the after cleaning more difficult and tedious. Placing plank woods in the right places is also necessary. This will protect areas such as doors, windows from falling debris. To prevent nails from falling to the ground, wooden plank placed on adjustable roof jacks that can be installed on the roof to catch any debris from falling to the ground.

Palo Alto roofing experts

The process may differ depending on the type of shingles one has on their roof. A special shovel is used to tear off the roof shingles. The edges of this shovel have serrated edges that, besides tearing off the shingles, it can also be used to pull out the old remaining shingle nails. This is way faster than tearing off each shingle individually. A few men equipped with these weapons can tear off the old shingles in no time. The process usually starts at the peak of the roof, moving downwards.

Underneath the area of where the tearing process begins, a strategically placed container under the roof will catch the bulk of the debris. After the shingles are detached, allow them to slide to the edge, they would wither be caught by the wooden planks installed before or slide further down into the container. If they don’t slide down, you can just throw them manually into the container.

What remains after, depends on the roof, wither there is some additional flashing that needs to be removed manually, or what remains of the ice and water barrier. After everything is removed, the roof is cleaned and inspected for any damage that needs fixing before the re-roofing process starts.