A roof ridge vent is one out of several vent types that can be used to ensure the proper ventilation of the space underneath the roof. Installed at the level of the ridge on sloping roofs, ridge vents can efficiently help maintain the temperature in the attic at low levels in summer, but they play a much more important role in cold weather, when they eliminate the warm air rising from the heated rooms in the house in winter, thus preventing condensation and water damage.

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Ridge vents look like long grilles made from metal alloy or plastic and they are installed close to the ridge of the roof. They are easier to install while the roof is being constructed, but they are not difficult to add afterwards either – your skilled San Mateo roofing contractor will cut a suitably sized hole in the roof’s plywood structure, then the vent is placed into the hole and fixed into place with some roof felt or other, suitable material. The vent, just like the rest of the roof, needs to be regularly inspected and maintained – as debris, such as leaves, twigs and feathers, tends to accumulate in the holes of the vents, the vent needs to be regularly cleaned to allow it to do its job properly.