Roof replacement is a complex project that involves lots of tasks and decisions, including not only the selection of the right material and the management of the installation process, but the removal and disposal of the old roofing material as well.

Pleasanton roofing recycling regulations

Here are some tips about how to dispose of your roofing shingles correctly:

  • Consult local Pleasanton roofing regulations – shingle disposal regulations vary by state, region and town, so before you do anything else, find out what is the correct way to get rid of your old shingles in your area;
  • Rent a container and find a recycling company – there are many companies that provide dumpster rentals and many of them also accept used shingles for recycling. Check out the options and solutions available in your area – many roofing materials, such as clay, asphalt and metal are completely recyclable, so it is a wise decision to collect used roofing materials and to hand them over to a specialized firm;
  • Load the used materials onto your truck and take it to a landfill – depending on the amount of debris generated during the shingle replacement process, you will need to make more than one trip to the landfill, which will add some costs to your reroofing project, but the solution is usually cheaper than collecting the debris into a rented container.