The roof of a building is a very important element. Not only does it have to look good on the outside, but it has to protect the entire home from the elements. For choosing the right roof, it is important to know the aspects related to various roofing options and materials. Talking to a leading  Livermore roofing expert in your area is the best way to get detailed information about roofing materials and the related costs. Read on and lean the difference between shingled and tiled roofs.

Livermore roofing contractors can help you choose the best roofing materials

There are different types of shingles, but most of them are lightweight materials that put a low pressure on the roof structure. They are also flexible materials, resistant to extreme weather conditions, they do not generate condensation and maintain a high degree of hermetic seal and soundproofing, in case of rain or wind.

However, like any other material, a shingled roof also has some disadvantages. Arguably, shingles are less aesthetically appealing, but it is a matter of taste after all. Besides, in recent years, shingles started to be manufactured in a wide range of designs and colors that can enhance the aspect of any building. A shingled roof is slightly flammable and not environmentally friendly (being difficult to recycle). It does not provide adequate ventilation either, so it requires additional solutions.

On the other hand, tiles can be metallic, ceramic or made from cement. A tiled roof is an extremely durable solution, offering great benefits in terms of protection, appearance, insulation, energy efficiency and sustainability. Costs are higher, but the lifetime of a tiled roof is twice as long compared to a shingled roof.